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Longing to belong to my mother [Dedicated to all the mother’s of this world –on this auspicious Navarratra 2016]
Summation of Vedic Divinity [A brief overview of all together Vedic wisdom sanskruti -25 page article showing various authentic sources and ethics of divine life]
Family karma paradox: [A summation of my views on various issues governing many families – 15 page article]
Reality The Vedic Supreme and Human life [A 32 page article. A beautiful analogy of God being cosmic universal grand spirit – instead of individualised personal God as mythologically perceived by the human world]
India –  Source of Divinity [14 page discussion paper on India’s spiritual inspiration to the world at large 2010]
Summation of Vedic Divinity: Striving for perennial happiness [1 page Blog Presentation 2010]
Vedic wisdom is real [2 page short discussion paper presentation over Vedic wisdom]
What does HolaAshthaka Mean?[2 pages presentation dialogue]
Varna Sankar Krushna’s declaration in the GITA[4 pages presentation paper: Beautiful elucidation of Jyotikar’s personal views over the GITA’s point on caste system]
Kaal Sarpa Yog and its fright[14 page discussion paper 2010]
Raama Mantra and shabda Brahman[7 pages of beautifully written article on why greater than the physical manifestation of the Lord Raama is the Hari’s mantra, shabda brahma is the essential powerful sound and symbol of god Hari]
Karmic Burdens: A myth or reality – Blog for Meenaben Vyas [3 page discussion paper with the Brahmin priests]
Kaal Sarpa Yog – Truth and propagated myths of Kaal Sarpa Yog[22 page discussion paper on why the fuss over the Kaal Sarpa Yog]
Implications of Navaratri [Brief 2 pages presentation paper to the audience of Croxley Green Byewaters Residence Association during the navaratri festival of 2010]
The Crux of Family Karma and Sharaadha[25 pages article explaining how collective fortunes and misfortunes of the family can be affected due to family karma bank, family collective karma and family ancestry 2010]
Vedas teach us to be spiritually human[2 pages brief presentation paper to audience 2010 January]
Maya in its subtle state[8 pages of part two of God as Mother – A discussion paper of views held by saints]
God as our Mother [4 pages of beautifully written article on why Hindus believe God theology to be based on MOTHERHOOD
Short Ramayan (as I learnt from Prabhu Shastriji)[4 pages of Beautifully narrated personal interpretation as learnt from Shastriji]
Sikhism and Sharaadha (Why Sikhism) [3 page article on Sikhism]
(I followed prayers in Sikh Temple and was enthralled spiritually to learn how devotion can become truly rewarding with consistency, constancy, and selfless dedication to the faith. Composite brief look at the Sikhism and how I managed to relate to the Gurudhvaara’s philosophy of feeing people)
Offering Prayers to our Ancestors (Sharaadha)[42 page article on Hinduism rites and rituals and explanation of Ancestry worship granting solace and peace the spiritual world in the Hindu culture is an essential part of transmigrating into the eternal world. This is my personal manner of paying respects to our departed during the month of Sharaadha August/September 2009]
Makara Sankranti Crux of the Solar entering the Capricorn Sign[4 pages of brief presentation paper on our Sankranti (was article missed out in 2008)]
Karmic Bridge Part two: Global Transformation [ 14 page concluding article discussing various astrological implications for our current crises]
Hanuman Chalisa [A 10 page article published for Tattva magazine January 2009]
Karma Bridge [ A 38 page article summarising how Karma is superior to fate and destiny from Vedic Astrology – current astrological cycles to 2020 December 2008]
Beyond Conceptual view [ A 23 page article on Vedic spiritual consciousness – September 2008]
Glory of Maa [43 page article commemorating Navaratri 2008 September 30th to October 9th 2008
Peace Offering to departed souls [21 page article on shraadh – Hindu Vedic homage to departed souls ] September 2008
Krishna [23 page article in commemoration of Krishna-Janmashtammi August 24 2008]
Divine relationship [10 page article on relationships that are divine – Raksha Bandhana]
Grace of Divine Love upon Human Life [21 page article on humankind and divine love] August 2008
Sacred Shravana month Shiva Puja [a beautifully written paper of 111 pages] July 2008
Comprising hymns, prayers, mantras, pujas, and elucidations on Shravana Shiva worship.
Collections of divine Inspirations by Jyotikar [19 pages] June 2008
Conceptual Divine Vedic Yoga [An overview of 38 pages] May 2008
Karmic cycles [ a brief 20 page article on cause and effect of karma] April 2008
Reflections – Poetic thoughts [a 34 page picturesque portray of Radhe-Kishan leela] March 2008
After Dollar doom, what next? [a brief article on Political economy]
Knowledge is the light of hope [18 page article on significance of Vedic knowledge to our children]
Divine love [36 page article for Valentines day February 14th 2008]
Divine light of Vedic Heritage [a 61 page article – January 2008]
The Garuda Purana as transliterated [January 2008]
Religious faith conversion [January 2008 – Spirit world]
Shiva is the God of Earth [Dedicated compilation for HMG]
Turning the karmic leaf [Predictions for 2008]
Divinity matters most in Grieving
Sacred Narmada Sand
Lord Kartikaya [October 2007 Dedicated to Kanchan]
Karma and Astrology [October 2007]
Navaratra [Navaratri September 2007]
Light in the midst of darkness [‘Krishna-Janamashtami’ 2007]
Peace to the Spiritual world [memorial to Dr. Bharat Pattni]
Worship and Puja [Vedic Mantra recitals]
Real People and Reality [Commemoration of Dr. Bharat K Pattni ]
Vedic Divine proverbs [Live Earth July 2007]
World Dharma: Humanity [Live Earth awareness July 2007]
The world in dire recline – Commemoration of Live Earth [070707]
The Sea held my spirit – Understanding Death – from Atharva-Vedas
Beyond the claim on truth True ‘Dharma’ beyond political boundaries of social religions.
‘Nir-jala’ Bhima Ekadashi and Vat Savitree vratt – Short article www.pattniconnection.com
Paradox Of Dharma
Shivratri and Amavasya
The Significance of Ekadashi Vratt
Vishnu Stuti

Vishnu Puja

Adhik Maas
Hanuman Jayanti
Nava Graha Shantih Puja
Mother is the Giver
Divine Rama-Navami
Gist of Buddhism
Unifying Humanity with Vedic wisdom
Religious cults and sects cause chaos and conflict
Here and Now – The crux of Shiva Ashthakam
Altruism of Vedic Insight
Divinity of Deepaavali
Meaning of Maa’s Arti
Ananta Chaturdashi
Ganesha Chaturthi
Vaastu Shastra
Raksha Bandhan
Shravana Month
The Glory of Rudraksha
Universal Voice Of Mother Nature
Holi – Significance and Meaning
Sanatana Dharma – A Brief Narration
On Dev Deepavali
Deepavali the Light of Divinity
Quintessence of humanity – Christmas festival
The greatness of Vedic hymns and mantras
World Peace Theme