The crux of Shiva_Ashthakam

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[aka Tingoo]

Here and Now - The healing mantra of Shiva

"Hara Hara Hara MahaDeva Shiva Shambhoo Aum Namoh Namah Shiva Hara Shivaya Namah Aum Shiva Shiva Shiva Shambhoo Hara Hara Hara Hridayam_mama Shivam Shantam Karam"

Recite and chant! Be happy!

       Release the past and let go of the bygones for they will never alter no matter what; release the time that has left us, release ALL that has no more life. Shiva destroys the cycles of karma and Shambhoo brings compassion in the place of sorrows. Our human life here on human earth is full of sorrows. We take birth to experience the collective human sorrow here and now. What matters is that we realise the truth – the divine truth of all life being subjective and mortal.  All matter transiently perishes in due course of time, seasons come and seasons go, nothing ever remains the same. Change is the mode of matter in time. We mould.        The eternal Shiva is beyond word, beyond the manifest, beyond the un-manifest, beyond the dreams and beyond the metaphoric vibrations of the earthly rites and rituals.

       Oh Shiva dissolve and resolve us to prepare for the now. Oh Divine Shiva, let the ‘what’ and ‘why’ matter no more! The cosmic Shiva Lingam so beautifully decorated by fragrances of beautiful flowers, scents, and cherished by the three worlds alike but the loving compassion of Shiva is not about the bygone time but the ‘how’ to live and breath the ‘now’ – the present moment. Seen and unseen, may my spirit act as one for growth, for life, It has begun now. Now is what matters; not then or yesterday or before or last year.

       Shiva’s greatest lesson is transformation from the rigidity and stubbornness to being subtle and flexible. Stiffness and formality are not the norm; laugh and smile to be true to form; listen to the music; dance, read, sit quietly, just doing nothing but take time to the inner spirit of life.

       We attract more than we know by simply watching it happen in quintessence and tranquil serenity. All we need is peace inside ourselves. Let our inner light glow and grow; many of the right mindset.

       By keeping a regular watch over Divine Shiva_Lingam and its worship, we will see the beauty deep within us; Let us continue to work in Love; trusting the forces beyond and above like the infinite Shiva_Lingam; those unseen and un-manifest to somehow in somewhat miraculous mystical manner nurture us, and our course in the teeming vast passage of karmic time; other dimensions and realities merge if you take the chance.

       Shiva re-assures us comforts us like the cosmic divine father even. Shiva teaches us to adventure life here and now. Just take the chance, who knows what might happen, for what happens best, is planned the least!

       Do what you must, what you have always known but delayed or ignored and the flow will begin once more; use the gifted time to explore that which you have forgotten or shelved because of a 'lack of time'!

       Shiva means growth of confidence. This confidence or courage is the inner most spiritual courage. The “Now” is the time; to go forth and to create for your best work is yet to come!  We meet to create memories and we part to transform ourselves from gross into divine subtle spiritual entities – our true nature.

       There is no regrets in what so ever and all our life there are certain reasons and causes which we may not fully understand. We can only just bring back some past items in a new way; re-birth, reworked, renewed and somewhat refreshed.

       Let us each find the slot which is best for each one of us uniquely. Let us bring these best of our shared moments together and let them come to you one and all; And you will find the means; Seeds once planted now need action to water them and help them grow; Bring in your inner sun and glow. To manifest, we must mould. Make your world as one would want and see the changes God has wrought in every precious moment.

       Shiva brings us to the point of growth but we must step forth on universal faith and follow our true heart's desire; it is there, we need only uncover it, discover it
recover it and nurture it as if it has always been within our grasp and now is the time to claim it; Now is the moment of our life here and now. This is the crux of Shiva’ s divinity, Lord Shiva’s trine beauty: Divine Truthfulness, Divine Compassion and Divine hope!

       ©Jyotikara Pattni © 6th November 2006