The Glory of “Rudra’ksha”, Human Karma and Kaal_Sarpa yog

Aum Namoh Namah Bhagavate Rudraya

Aum Tat Sat 

“Rudra” is the form of the formless Cosmic God “Shiva”. The chain of Rudraksha beads that Lord Shiva is perceived wearing around his neck and body represent awards and immortal trophies of victory over the demons and adversities. Shiva is Shakti (energy), power (main transmitter), cosmic God of ‘tantra’ (Vedic rites and rituals) and ‘yantra’ (Vedic symbols and invocations to make communion with the celestial). When we speak of demons and evil, we are making implicit reference to egotism, anger, hatred, fear, desire, lust, jealousy, envy, selfishness, obsessions, possessiveness, violent speech, greed, and cruelty to others by use of harsh words. “Rudraksha” simply means “eye of Rudra”, “tear of Rudra”, “petal of Rudra”, or “boon of Rudra”. All these have similar implications.

It is also said in the Vedas that when Shiva narrated the Bhagavatti_Devi-Gita to Mataji Paravatti, he had tears of joy as hymns of Maa were recited with great enchanting lyrics. When Mataji Paravattiji on her way back to Shiva from her parents was surrounded by demons, the roar of lions awakened shiva’s trance and the first tear drop that fell on the ground became seed of the rudraksha tree. As ancient as 30000 years ago when Brahma was bringing life to the human world, Shiva shed tears, learning that the human life would comprise full of sufferings, tragedies, mortal untimely deaths, diseases, and sorrows. It is believed that Rudraksha seeds were embedded as tears of Shiva for devotees, sages, saints, and those that would become spiritually aware. Rudraksha beads as such bring dharma, satt-karma, and protection.

Rudraksha beads are grown in the kingdom of Lord Shiva – Himalayas. They come in varying colours and sizes. Of particular significance are the mukhees or the facets or the grooves on the beads. The Nepalese Rudraksha and the Indonesian Rudraksha are the best quality Rudraksha beads. From eka-mukhee to 21 mukhee various beads have distinct individual spiritual characteristics and each have their own unique power and energy.

The rarest kind of Rudraksha is the cashew nut shaped bead about one and a quarter inches long with only one facet or groove or mukhee and this bead is known as guru bead and as such guru beads are not drilled instead they are set in gold frames.

Each individual human being has a personalised constitution of beads or types of beads just as gemstones and one Rudraksha facet type cannot be as proliferating as another. To determine your own individual personal Rudraksha beads constitution please contact myself via form, writing your specific needs in the comments box in detail. When a personalised “kantha” (garland of Rudraksha to be worn on the neck) is made specifically for one individual, this becomes the personalised life long protection and as such 108 or 54 or 33 or 21 or 11 Rudraksha beads mala personalised to the wearer only has to be chanted with the personalised mantras as initiated by a Guru, a Sattvic astrologer, a healer, or any other person who has the permission to initiate personal mantra from satt-karma and Vedic practice.

Vedic practice has to be personalised to an individual depending on lifestyle, prakrutti (constitution), birth chart, numerology, and other factors. Hence each mantra has to embrace effectively an individual’s nakshattara (constellation), rashi (sun and moons placements), and lagna (ascendant). I also refer to navaamsha chart (the ninth part of the kundali or the chart).

“Shiva” is the definite ultimate cosmic god the only cosmic God that extenuates the humankind beyond the circumferences of eternal time.

Human Karma:

God made the world, created the human, but God never created the ego or the lower mind that would act without the consciousness or conscience of the spirit of life but in accordance with the lower intellect that which is the gross intellect. The lower mind and the ego were formulated in time by the birth of firstly desire and lust; followed by karmic stimulation of the cosmic senses and sense organs; then by the protrusion of jealousy and envy, illusion and attachment were both born out of friction of rage, anger, frustration and fury. At the basic gross physical level, is the material body, (the aggregate five elemental physical body), the gross lower mind, the ego and the brains called the gross intelligence ruled by gross time.

Higher than this level is the consciousness, the conscience. Higher than this level is the spiritual intuition, higher than that is the individual spirit of life, and higher than that is the spiritual soul divine. Human is capable of evolving to this highest level – the spiritual soul divine level being the subtlest point of cosmic stillness; that is comparable to the eternal God soul. The mankind is also capable of devolving below the most fundamental basic gross level of even not being human. This is called “VI-KARMA” meaning adverse or negative karma.

God did NOT create Vi-Karma. Adverse karma or selfish karma or malicious karma is an act of gross intellect in association with ego and the lower mind. These are associated with cosmic demons namely the ‘kaal’. Hence ‘Kaal’ is karma and karma brings death and rebirth and cycle of life.

God only designed the karmic map or karmic overview. Human collective human intelligence has taken upon it to accumulate selfishness and from this selfishness; the human intelligence gave birth to greed, lust, anger, falsity, and finally dismal sorrow through diseases, impurities, pollution, wars, violence and fear. Astrological birth charts are such karmic maps that are given to a human upon birth.

However, superior to birth charts is human karma. When karma is conducted wholly to neutralise or to dissolve a fault in the previous life karma with mantras, yantras, rites, rituals, sacrifices, repentances, purification, and total sacred transformation, this type of karma becomes ‘satt-karma’ (righteous deed). 

‘Assatt - karma’ (wrongfulness) is an act deliberation to hurt another or to cause another to be hurt! Karma is superior and repercussions of the same quicker!

Falsity begins from childhood, in schools, in workplaces, in systems of bureaucracies, in structures, in institutions, in social processes of competing to be materially and prestigiously better than others, all these and much more. Often, a personality performs tasks out of compulsion, pressure, and stress rather than freely discovering and learning out of experiencing the wonders of doing a task. Seldom does the human personality perform freely without stress!

Fear is the root cause of human sorrow! In fear we invoke bad energies; out of fear we act wrongfully; because of fear we worry; for fear we try to protect ourselves overly; to fear has become a habitual trait and we impose upon children the psychology of competition and pressurise them to perform and we bring a notion of fear in the form of pressure or threat or even hurt into them unknowingly for the sake of name, fame, prestige, personal pride, and social status! So what is the collective human sorrow? What adversely affect one affects others. What adversely is unbearable for one is also unbearable for another. Collectively therefore, the human ego, the human intelligence and the lower human mind in trinity are responsible for the world we are habiting in today! This present world represents a time of events that have taken place in its history. We see evidently that most of these events prove that the human personality created sorrow on this earth and for this reason the blessing of ‘immortality’ was removed from all that was born to the human earth by Lord Shiva and the Lord of Cosmic God of Death (the lord ‘Yamraj’).

Sorrow is definitely a manifestation of Vi-Karma or adverse karma or negative karma or imbalance or the cosmic divinity being disturbed or the momentum of cosmic bliss imbalanced or crudely speaking ‘IMPURITY’.

Impurity is filled with corruption, greed, selfishness and distorted humanity in that one human person can crush another human person for the sake of personal greed or personal empowerment or personal ego or personal gain or personal fame or personal reign or personal sustenance.

When one examines the Indian and African traditional ways of living and traditional cultures it becomes eminent that both traditional cultures believed in the cosmic Godhead, cosmic science, cosmic existence of supernatural powers, cosmic nature as guiding force towards truthfulness, light, and happiness. Praying to the rain gods from the mountain tops, praying to the wind gods, praying to the water gods, praying to the mother earth, praying to the sun god; are few examples of common beliefs and common religious grounds.


Who is then responsible for terrorism and what is the root cause of terrorism? Is it not the collective personal greed, collective personal desires, collective personal selfish ambitions, collective personal aggression, collective personal egoism?

 No one person or no one institutional leader or no one powerful individual has the right to exercise his individual power to condemn, judge, demean, discourage, and to crush the spirit of life of another for the sake of projecting personal individual ego power!  

Terrorism is nothing more than an expression of long suppression of anger withheld in great anguish, agony, and dismal hurt! Therefore, the solution to end terrorism is NOT in the many WARS but in freeing the human race of the burdens of religious and political controls and letting each human spirit of life be fearless, loving, caring and compassionate beyond the realm of personal discrimination, personal prejudices, personal ego powers, personal gains, individualisation, and imposition over supposition because one is in his weakest position!

 The world is numbed by the noises, haste and waste. The distant echo of the spiritual world no longer is heard on the dusty dawn and the misty dusk.

The world is filled with drudgery of all this, that and the other. The world is full of heroism. The one human race, the one human love, the one human existence, the one human need, the one human spirit of life has been divided, disintegrated, fragmented, torn apart and traumatised in HURT of differences and WARS.

Time and space have no beginning nor ending. Time is infinite, space is infinite. Time flies fast, time always forever moves forward onwards as the earth elapses in decay and mortality. The earthen clay is a karmic place in the passage of time from life to death and hence it is called “kaal”. 

Shiva is beyond ‘Kaal’, Shiva is verily ‘Rudra’ in the north eastern hemisphere and shiva verily is the “Somam” that nurtures and protects the “amrutt” – nectar of gods in the northern hemisphere. Shiva is the “Aghora” (covered with filth of cremated ashes) in the Yama’s southern most hemisphere releasing the dead from the kingdom of Yama. Shiva is the ‘Nirritti’ (the destroying fire) in the south-western hemisphere. Shiva dances to Durga in Shiva-Tandav to appease Kali into Durga and to bring love, compassion and birth of ‘pranna’ through the joint congruence of ‘maruttees’ (cosmic transporters of Varun), Vasus (cosmic deities of abundance), Kuber (the giver of wealth), Varun (the compassionate and loving god), and Issanaye (the stabiliser). Shiva opens his third eye to create the cosmic God Surya, the cosmic deity Agnee, and 27 constellations of stars.

“Shiva” becomes the RUDRA to facilitate the rotation and revolution through Moon (manas). Moon is verily on Shiva’s head and as such Moon is directly associated with Shiva’s sub-conscious state of trance.

Therefore, in the Durga leela, Shiva pays obeisance to Gananatha – the lord of all ganas (qualities of higher lokas) Ganesh, then the directions of the space (digpal), then the Nyasa (placing of the clasping of two hands on respective parts of the body), the vibrant union, then the closure of the circle of the cosmos/ galaxy.

Of all shlokas and mantras of Ganesha, the one most preciously dear to Shiva is the narad’s invocation on Ganesha – the composite of which transform also into mantras on the points of the Swastika. It is also known as “astha-pathd”.

Swastika is therefore considered to be very beneficial and auspicious on the doors, entrances, and there are two meanings out of the “Aum hrim shrim ridhi-sidhi Shree Ganeshaya-Vighna-Vinayakaye namoh Namah” (Shiva’s Ganesh mantra):
“Shubh” and “Labh”. The swastika negates and neutralises any non-positive energy or non-prolific energy. Even a negative thought is considered to be non-prolific. Therefore, to think Ganesh means to think positive, light, and touching of Rudraksha.

By touching a Rudraksha bead that has been prayed and worshipped and upon which one has conducted millions of mantra manjaree, recitations and invocations one invokes the goodness of Ganesh the lord of all goodness and auspiciousness. One touches Shiva’s form. Shiva ‘tantra’ entails non-dualism and non-duality. The macrocosmic and the microcosmic unite in the self – that verily is the atman. The self is the param-atman or the supreme soul that is submerged in a bigger image and becomes imminent in a flower, the ocean, the grand beauty, and physically undertaking the satt karma.

 ‘Shiva’ is the lord of all divine snakes that control time and space.

Kaal Sarpa Devata: The cosmic divinity ruling death.

The king cobra snake “Ananta” is the lord of “kaal” time and it holds the northern and the southern hemisphere of the atmospheric orb of the galaxy without which there would be no gravity, nor wealth nor abundance through rains. Shiva is the only cosmic God that has the boon of the entire snake kingdom in his constitution just as the arteries and veins. Time and space is made into karmic cycles through the NAAG movements or the scientific term known as kundalini. The kundalini is the serpent energy that runs from the base chakra coccyx to the crown chakra – bindu point above the centrifugal point of the head. In the eight directions and purusha-prakrutti (namely the soul and the spirit of life) all together form the flux of karmic flow. Hence karma is directly associated with “Shiva” the cosmic God of transformer, destroyer and releaser from the cycles of death and birth.

“Rudraksha” beads are said to be Lord Shiva’s guardian serpents and anyone who wears these beads is protected and saved from the dissolution by enemies and adverse forces in life (proven scientific fact based on fifteen thousand years of Vedic truth). Rudraksha beads are ruled by cobra snakes just as pearls and Diamonds and gems are. Rudraksha beads are very dear and sacred to Indian cobra snakes.

Rahu and Ketu are moksha planets and as such very dear to Shiva. Rahu and Ketu represent the serpent energies and serpent influx of karma. Death visits us all in due course of time. When human satt karma (righteous deeds and righteous rites) overcome the vi-karma (negative collective deeds), we have a surplus satt-karma in our karmic bank. When karma bank becomes surplus, happiness transpires not only to oneself but to the entire family and such fruits are born by proliferations in grandchildren and great grand children.

What is kaal-sarpa yog?

They are of two kinds namely ‘partial’ and ‘whole’.

When all the planets are hemmed inbetween Rahu and Ketu – we have ‘whole’ or ascending kaal-sarpa yoga. When all the planets are hemmed inbetween Ketu and Rahu we have descending Kaal-amrit-Sarpa Yog.

Partial kaal-sarpa yog reigns when either Saturn or Mars manifest in the dushttan bhava next to Rahu or Ketu.

Partial kaal-sarpa yog also exists when Rahu and Ketu are conjunct with another planet.

Rudraksha beads are saviour for anyone suffering from adversities and misfortunes of karma due to kaal-sarpa yog formations.

“Rudra-Abhishekham” (puja of Rudra shiva-ligham with holy water and panchamraat-milk, sugar, honey, curd, water; and; milk) is Vedic rite and Vedic ritual that releases one from the bondages of sufferings accumulated from many lives put together.

Pouring of water and milk and water over Narmada-shiva lingham for example everyday whilst reciting “Aum namoh namah shivaya shivaya namaha aum” frees one from the ancestry debts and grants health.

Reciting of Rudra-asthaka shtotra together with Maha-Mrutyunjaya mantra is very beneficial to overcome diseases and misfortunes.

In any particular family seven generations worth of karma bank operate in granting solace, justice, consolation, happiness, peace, and harmony. No one likes to be unhappy, diseased or distressed. However sometimes, due to circumstances and karmic conditions beyond our control, one suffers and often out on the limb!

To understand human sorrow is perhaps difficult. However, to grant solace and compassion to one who suffers in pain and agony and distress rather than granting pity is to realise that collectively we are all part of karmic cycles and karmic doshas (fault in our life karma). Sooner than later, one must realise that within the framework of karma that brings death to life and life to death, our purposes are defined somehow in an overview maps – which we call birth charts namely the rashi chart, the navaamsha chart and the karmic charts.

Overview maps are just a guideline like navigation system. However, when a spirit of life defies the higher order or misuses or abuses or brings deliberate hurt or conscious hurt to another/self; this vikarma (negative karma) results into consequences which result into long painful death.

Over the years, I have learnt a grand lesson:

It does NOT matter why one suffers, what is responsible for one’s suffering, or who suffers. What is significant and relevant is that we embrace our fellow human beings who are weaker and hopeless and helpless and share our compassion. What is important is that we give self-lessly with good intentions the light of remedies to a suffering spirit of life. Whether the other person takes it or does not take it due to his or her own mind, is not our problem. Our problem ends at the time we show SOLUTIONS and REMEDIES. Our duty ends there. Furthermore, unless asked or sought, one must never render spiritual advice to anyone. One must speak only when spoken to.

Who has the time today to actually sit down and ponder over another life? Many may even consider my writings with criticisms and cynicism. It does not matter.

What matters is that it is my problem when another human fellow is out on the limb, misunderstood by the social norm and isolated just because he or she is in the weaker position helpless and hopeless. I make it my problem.

When we help another person, we have in turn helped ourselves.

Astrologically speaking, the Vedic science of astrology was NOT concluded to be one hundred percent perfect as Shiva in the Guru-Geeta explicitely stated that NO mind is perfect and no entity is perfect the world of existence is not perfect hence the astrological permutations and combinations are NOT an end but tools of evaluations. There are other tools of analysis and the Vedic mysticism has NOT been conquered in its entirety. Therefore, only vividly and vaguely can one human person actually deduce birth charts based on imperfect and incomplete passed over wisdom – that which is heard – shruttis. No two astrologers will have the same interpretations! Every astrologer will have his or her own hypothesis, strong set of visions, very set values and factors upon which conclusions are made. Astrology is a tool NOT and end in itself and as such is only one way of looking at an issue or a problem. Hence astrology is a vivid guidance or an insight; not a definitive conclusion.

In the times of Ramayan, astrology was utilised as a guide towards actions and karma under circumstances and conditions prevailing within the framework of specific life in the passage of time. It was not taken as a gospel of God. It was taken as mere insight of the saints and sages and seers. The wise counsel was afforded by the learned, the wise and the more profound selfless saints and sages and seers. Astrology is a sacred science of Brahma and this manifested first between Surya-Narayan and Indra as a shruttis (or spoken).

One Vedic system of astrology belief states that karma begins when the water bag breaks (the time the womb associates with the external world). Another system considers the first cry of the baby to be the beginning of karmic life. Here is dualism. In dualism, truth cannot manifest without a flaw.

A Brahmin is NOT supposed to conduct a ceremony without reciting the rites and rituals of ‘idamnamama-idam’ (removing the selfish intentions) and chanting of the peace mantra prior to the commencement of their pujas and reciting of the forgiveness shlokas towards the end of the puja. A Brahmin is supposed to explicitely and precisely state the specific gotra (ancestry origin), kulla (ancestors), nakshattara (constellations), rashi (birth charts), full name, full birth details and full tithi yog and then perform the sankalpa so that fullest dues go to the performer and the family that conducts the puja.     

To perform Vedic rites and Vedic rituals, one has to be born Hindu Brahmin, a Vedic Hindu Brahmin who is blessed from SEVEN generations to conduct and to bless humanity. Anyone CANNOT become or claim to be a Brahmin, and practice the Vedic rituals and rites of Vedas.

The energy which comes out of clarity of spoken words and clearly elucidated Vedic mantras with correct Sanskrit pronunciation yields proliferations towards one’s life. All other pujas, rites, rituals and ceremonies when conducted without clarity of speech, without selfless divine intentions, without focused perceptions, without proper Brahmin priests do not render proliferations. This is the truth and truth does not have dualism. Clarity, pace, patience, and intentions must be displayed at the forefront. Priests reciting shlokas for the sake of reciting such that others for whom the puja is conducted get bored and do not understand most of it, imply only futility. Prayer is better in beautiful silence without words than words that make the mind wonder! 

 The ‘Naaga’ snakes make up the “kaal-sarpa yog” that facilitates the momentum of karma in time and space.

The cosmic snake deities that form “kaal-sarpa yog” are represented by the following mantra-tantra and yantra:

KaalSarpaYog Mantra-tantra:

The sarpa devata (the snake deities) namely:

Aum Ananta-Naageshawaraye namah the head or the male – king of wealth.

Aum Mansa Deviya namoh namah the tail or the female – also queen of wealth.

Aum Swetaya Viprar’arnaya Sahasra’phanaya Sheshaya namah (east)

Aum Neelaya Vaishyavarnaya Panchasata Phanaya Takshakaya Namaha ( S.E.)

Aum Kumkumabhaya Vipravarnaya Sahasraphanaya Anantaya namah (S)

Aum Pitaya Kshatriyavarnaya SaptaSataphanaya VaSukaye namaha (SW)

Aum Krishnaya Vaisyavarnaya SaptaSataphanaya Samkhapalaya Namah (W)

Aum Ujjvallaya SudrarArnaya Panchasataphanaya Mahapadmaya Namah (NW)

Aum Ujjvallaya SudraVarnaya Trisadphanaya Kambalaya Namah (N)

Aum Ujjvalaya Sudravarnaya Trisatphanaya Karkotakaya Namah (NE)

KaalSarpayog yantra

When a soul is trapped in the flux of karmic cycles, it is said to have been suffering from the multiple karma of this life as well previous lives and the purpose of such a spirit is servitude to humanity, devotion to godhead, and Kaal-Saarpa deity.

Many mythological assumptions are made by Vedic astrologers throughout the world and none seem to render any scientific consolation or solace to the suffering victims of kaal-Sarpa Yog in clarity. The purpose of writing this article is firstly to grant anyone who is suffering from Kaal-Sarpa Yog solace and hope and secondly to remove any wrongful and frightful perceptions of kaal-sarpa yog.

Rudraksha beads are associated to Durga Leela (dance of the shiva in cosmic time and space), Shakti jyott (energy of Shiva in darkness) and tears of lord shiva. Recitations and invocations of Durga-shlokas and Durga hymns minimises and neutralises sufferings caused by sudden deaths, sudden upheavals, sudden tragic losses, etc.

Hanuman Chalisa recited eleven times on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays have been proven to reduce adverse effects of Kaal-Sarpa Yog.

Constant mantra-manjaree at the dawn and the dusk are also healing energies of life. Lighting of deepam jyott – made of cotton wick and sesame oil and ghee at both dawn and dusk is considered to ward off all negative forces.

Two idols of Cobra Snakes made of pure silver, together with the kaal-sarpa yantra is placed behind the entrance doors/ kitchen.

On Naag-Panchami, one suffering from severe adversities and unexplained tragedies as a result formation of any naag or sarpa dosha, could buy an idol of cobra snake (sarpa devata) made of real gold and place the same on “Narmada shiva-lingham” (real shiva lingham stone that comes from Narmada river), making a garland of rudraksha beads and pray to manssa devi for forty days pouring diluted rose and Ganga water mixture. Furthermore, from Krishna-ekadashi (eleventh day of the dark cycle of the moon) to amavassya (15th day of the darkest cycle of the moon), the following mantra manjaree may be recited lighting a wick of sesame seed oil:

Aum Shree Rama Sharannam mama; Aum namoh narayanaya;

Aum Ahibandha Naagabandha Veerabandha namah

Aum shree Ananta Namamyaham; Aum shreem Vajrakaccheti shreem Aum Namah.

Rudraksha represents the yoga (union) of Shiva and Shakti. Gauri-Shanker Rudraksha bead is such a bead symbolising the fusion of shiva-shakti. Such a bead can be very beneficial for diffusion of kaal-sarpa yog dosha (fault).

Rahu and Ketu mantra jaap may be done on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays with the Nava-Graha shantih stotra.

‘Nava_graha’ Stotra: “Brahma Murari-tripurantakari Bhanu-Shashi Bhaumi Sutao Budhashcha Guruscha Shukra Shanni Rahu Ketu Sarwa Graha Kurume suprabhantam shantih shantih shantih.”

Aum Bhram Bhrim Bhraum Sah Rahuve Namah; Aum Ram Rahuveh shantih

Aum Tram Trim Troum Sah Ketuve namah; Aum kem Ketuveh shantih

Any jaap (mantra-manjaree) done with the whole heart with divine intentions produce beneficial results and after three months the subject may experience differences in daily life.

Feeding birds represents 1/10th of our daily food that we consume everyday and is another wonderful gesture of charity for dosha (fault) in birth charts.

Furthermore, when things do not work out according to ones expectations or one is unduly hurt or dismally humiliated, one must sit in silence observe silence and recite as many Gayatri mantra recitals as possible on 108 bead rounds followed by one maha-mrutyunjaya recital of 108 bead round, followed by shantih mantra recital of 108 bead round.

One may offer milk every Mondays and Wednesdays to an infant if possible.

One may offer the following items as donation: Sesame seeds, Saffron, Rice, moong lentile, cane sugar, gemstone, and a Narmada shiva lingham as part of anushthan (sacred offering of physical things).

Astrologers who write such negative things about Kaal-Sarpa yog to the extent that they even relate death to be the cause of Ketu being in the seventh house have very little compassion and indeed very little awareness towards the altruism of humanity and there is not proof of any scientific nature to relate death to Rahu and Ketu or Kaal-Sarpa yog. Death is a destiny that no one can alter. It is ordained by the higher order call it what you may. Fate on the other hand may be altered, and transformed into satt-karma, surplus karma and proliferation of the soul.


By multiplying personal importance and wants, we only increase poverty. What is essential for life and honour should be made available to all the people of the country. Vedanta which is the peak of the Vedas teaches the way for the removal of sorrow. Hatred and desire arise only in respect of the objects other than us. That desire will not arise if those objects are rendered identical with us, if there is nothing other than us, then desire will not arise. If there is no desire, there will be no effort and no sin. When there is no sin, there will be no body and there will be no misery. This is realised through the path of self-enquiry. It is the natural state of self - realisation and one of utter non concern for the fleeting phenomena.

We must accept whatever comes to us, good or bad, as Her Grace. We do not know why mother divine gives it. Our vision is limited with imperfections. We do not know what precedes it or follows it. No one human being has the absolute power to look into the past, present and the future without flaws, limitations, imperfections, vagueness, and distortions. There is no absolute truth in the science of Astrology as much as Astrology is not untrue. Astrology is there only as a vague or vivid guide. No more no less.

Other than God, there is no kith or kin for us. The object of this birth is to bestow undivided love on someone. The subject of our love should not be quarrelsome or separable.

Our minds should automatically seek and cling to God just as iron filings are attracted by the magnet; the heart of the chaste wife seeks her husband; the creeper embraces the tree; the rivers go to the sea. Philosophical truths and ordinary people have nothing much in common. Therefore outward garb is useless. The representatives of religion must have real worth, peace - loving nature (shantam), austerity (tapas) and unselfish nature.

May we cultivate friendly attitude and conquer others with humility and amity avoiding any kind of anger, jealousy or aggression without reason. May our lives here and now be filled with satisfaction, contentment and peace. Rudraksha means love, compassion and contentment from Lord Shiva. Rudraksha beads are verily the seeds of compassion and love. Rudraksha beads can neutralise adverse karma and may protect a subject wearing them from the dangers of enmity or sudden death.

Har har har Mahadeva Shiva Shiva Shiva Shambo Bhole nath Swaha.

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