Brief Profile

Born a gifted psychic, Jyotikar Pattni [Tingoo] began his spiritual journey at a very early age, during his childhood. He has been graciously blessed by great Spiritual Gurus like Mother Theresa, AnandSwamiji, MorariBapuji and his GuruMata Shreemati Rukshmaniji. He is passionately fond of fine arts. He loves dance and music and the stage.
His academic and professional background is remarkable with distinctions at graduate Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business Administration and outstanding merits in postgraduate MBA from ‘Henley The Management College’ [1991]. Between 1981 until 1998, he had a successful career in Auditing and Business Financial Management. Due to unforeseen life circumstances and traumatic tragedies enforced upon him unexpectedly since 1998, he took anchor in Vedic Spiritualism. Journeying through his most difficult and trying times, he was drawn towards Vedic Healing. With the grace of God and with his GuruMata’s blessings, he enhanced his skills and knowledge of the Vedas, The AyurVeda, Vedic Astrology, palmistry, auricle spectrum and Vedic healing substantially, by being a devoted Vedic Spiritual practitioner.
Over the years, he has successfully and selflessly provided Vedic Astrology solutions to hundreds.
Jyotikar is a skilled writer. He has a way with words.
His written work is authentic, informative and most useful.
Written by Colette Hanson.